What is Nucca chiropractic care?

Does NUCCA chiropractic really work?

This gentle and precise approach is able to effectively address postural issues and spinal misalignments while creating long-term spinal stability. Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest drug-free, non-invasive therapies available.

How does NUCCA chiropractic work?

The NUCCA technique pinpoints the cause of misalignment, which means less need for repeated corrections. The body wants to heal itself. Returning the upper cervical bones to a normal position promotes proper function in the body and spine and stimulates the body’s natural healing responses.

What does NUCCA chiropractic help with?

But How Does NUCCA Chiropractic Work? NUCCA focuses on correcting misalignment of the upper cervical spine. Precise and objective x-ray views of the head and neck are used to make mathematical measurements and evaluation of the misalignment.

What happens after NUCCA adjustment?

After an adjustment, you may not notice anything at first and will only notice gradual improvements over time. Other people will feel an instant change in symptoms, such as noticeable pain relief and reduced stress. Immediately after, you can expect some discomfort for up to two to four days after your adjustment.

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How long does it take for NUCCA to work?

Does NUCCA chiropractic really work? Yes, NUCCA adjustments aim to reduce stress to the body, restoring appropriate communication and support self healing. The average patient sees a greater than 50% reduction in postural distortion within 2-3 days of the initial visit.

How do you get NUCCA certified?

In order to Achieve NUCCA Board Certification the candidate must submit and pass:

  1. 10 consecutive sets of pre and post x-rays to the NUCCA Certification Board.
  2. At the completion of this series of x-ray review the doctor will achieve NUCCA Board Certification.

How much does NUCCA cost?

The cost is $185 and it includes the first correction, post x-rays, and soft cervical collar. Once your individual treatment plan is determined, future costs will be better understood for your recovery.

Which chiropractic technique is best?

Gonstead Technique

The Gonstead technique, named after its founder, is an adjustment method used to realign the spine. It is known as one of the most precise and effective methods to relieve pain and promote optimal alignment of the spine.

Can NUCCA help vertigo?

NUCCA has been the Solution for Many Suffering from Vertigo

All of which are important in helping reduce vertigo naturally. NUCCA Chiropractors frequently find a significant upper neck misalignment in those suffering with Vertigo and Meniere’s Disease.

Does NUCCA help scoliosis?

A NUCCA correction removes brainstem pressure, which is what led to the uneven muscle tone. … However, NUCCA specialists have been helping those suffering from scoliosis for over 70 years!

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Is upper cervical chiropractic safe?

Are upper cervical adjustments dangerous? No, upper cervical adjustments are not dangerous. Upper cervical chiropractic comes with very few risks when administered by a credentialed doctor of chiropractic. The most commonly reported side effect of upper cervical adjustments is muscle soreness.

What can you not do after a Nucca adjustment?

Following an adjustment, the below precautions should be exercised to maintain the adjustment:

  1. Use care moving the head; avoid sudden movement.
  2. Avoid looking up when reaching above the head, raise eyes rather than the head.
  3. When lying down, do not use the head to lift or turn the body to another position.

Does insurance cover Nucca?

Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic Visits? Yes, we take PPO’s and Medicare. We are in network with Blue Cross – Blue Shield. Most insurances have some type of coverage available.