Do you need doctor referral for massage?

Do you need to make an appointment for a massage?

If you want to have a relaxing spa experience, you can book a massage at a local spa or with a massage therapist. To make an appointment, you’ll pick your type of massage and contact the business. Then, all you have to do is arrive to the appointment prepared for relaxation.

How do I get a doctor’s note for massage?


  1. SPEAK DIRECTLY WITH YOUR FAMILY DOCTOR. After a quick phone, or in-person consultation, with your family doctor, a written referral can be provided to you via email or by pick-up at the medical clinic.

Can a doctor write a prescription for a massage?

Massage therapy can be prescribed by your doctor. If you are suffering from any of the following conditions, consult your physician to see if massage could be a treatment option: Stress-related insomnia. Headaches.

Why is a prescription necessary for a massage?

Is a prescription necessary for medical massage therapy? Massage therapists do not have the legal ability to diagnose a patient with a condition. In order to claim that a medical treatment is being provided for a specific issue, a prescription must come from a healthcare provider.

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When should I schedule a massage?

When Is The Best Time To Schedule A Massage? There is no perfect time to schedule a massage therapy appointment. If you have a really stressful week ahead of you, scheduling an hour of solitude and relaxation at the end of the chaos can help you recover more quickly.

How do you write a prescription for a massage?

Your prescription will need to include the following:

  1. A reason you need massage therapy, such as a medical condition or injury.
  2. The number of sessions you’ll require each month. Do you need a massage every month? Or once every 1-2 weeks? …
  3. The duration of the treatment. How long are you going to need this treatment?

How long is a massage Referral good for?

How long are referrals valid for? Unless it states a specific date, referrals are valid for 12 months from the date issued.

How long is a massage prescription good for?

An existing written prescription is only valid if issued within the last 12 months. An existing written referral is only valid if issued within the last 12 months. A copy of the original written prescription or written referral is acceptable.

Is massage therapy covered by Medicare?

Original Medicare (parts A and B) doesn’t cover massage therapy, but it can cover other therapies like physical therapy and acupuncture. If you use massage therapy without Medicare coverage, you’ll be responsible for 100 percent of the costs. Medicare Advantage (Part C) may offer some coverage for massage therapy.

Can I use HSA for massage?

A: If stress is causing other diagnosed medical conditions, treatments may be paid for with an HSA with a letter of medical necessity from a doctor. … However, if the massage therapy is recommended by a physician to treat a specific injury or trauma, then it would qualify with a letter of medical necessity.

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