Can a chiropractor help with cervical radiculopathy?


What is the best treatment for cervical radiculopathy?

In most cases, a conservative approach is first administered, such as medication, physical therapy, or steroid injections, that helps reduce swelling and restore movement. When these methods are ineffective, minimally invasive surgery is the best option to release any compression or inflammation on a nerve root.

Can chiropractor help with cervical herniated disc?

Using cervical or lumbar traction machines can aid in helping to open the joints of the spine up to take pressure off of the disc and allow for the bulge and herniation to absorb back to where it needs to be. Chiropractic treatment for bulging or herniated discs is safe, effective, and long lasting.

How do you fix cervical radiculopathy?

Nonsurgical treatments for cervical radiculopathy typically include one or more of the following:

  1. Rest or activity modification. …
  2. Physical therapy. …
  3. Ice and/or heat therapy. …
  4. Medications. …
  5. Cervical epidural steroid injection. …
  6. Manual manipulation. …
  7. Cervical traction.

What makes cervical radiculopathy worse?

Axial compression of the spine and rotation to the ipsilateral side of symptoms reproduces or worsens cervical radiculopathy.

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How should I sleep with a pinched nerve in my neck?

How to sleep with cervical radiculopathy

  1. Sleeping on your back: This is the optimal sleeping position as it is the easiest to properly brace your head and position your neck. …
  2. Sleeping on your side: This position is not as preferred as laying on your back, but it is better than on your stomach.

What can you not do with a pinched nerve in your neck?

A person with a pinched nerve should avoid any movements that irritate the nerve. They should also try to sleep in a position that relieves the pressure on the nerve.

How long does it take a herniated disc to reabsorb?

The average amount of time it takes for a herniated disk to heal is four to six weeks, but it can get better within a few days depending on how severe the herniation was and where it occurred. The biggest factor in healing a herniated disk is time, because most often it will resolve on its own.

What is the best treatment for herniated discs in neck?

Most cases of cervical herniated disc pain can be successfully managed with nonsurgical treatments, such as over-the-counter pain medications, physical therapy to strengthen and stretch the neck, ice or heat packs, and/or activity modifications to avoid painful movements until the pain has subsided.

Does heat help cervical radiculopathy?

Applying heat to the neck or other sore area can provide relief for some people. Typically, ice should be used during the first day or two (no more than 20 minutes at a time) because it can help prevent inflammation. After that initial period, heat or ice can be used depending on the patient’s preference.

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Is cervical radiculopathy a disability?

As such, cervical radiculopathy can be viewed as a disability for the purposes of applying for Social Security Disability benefits, if the individual’s condition meets the requirements of the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability.