Best answer: Can chiropractors help with balance?

Can chiropractic help balance problems?

Some studies suggest that chiropractic care, specifically spinal manipulation, may be helpful in treating balance disorders and cervicogenic dizziness. According to the 2010 Practice Analysis survey, doctors of chiropractic report that they see approximately 1 to 3 patients with dizziness per month.

Can chiropractic help balance hormones?

A spine that is out of alignment can affect these nerves and inhibit your endocrine system’s ability to regulate your body’s hormone levels. A chiropractor can help restore a hormone imbalance by performing a spinal readjustment. This addresses the root cause of your imbalance and helps the body restore itself.

Will a chiropractor help my dizziness?

Because of the neurological connection, chiropractic care may be the ideal course of treatment to cure your dizziness. Ideal Spine helps chiropractors learn and implement the necessary techniques to help patients overcome their vertigo by focusing on the spine and its relation to the body.

Can a chiropractor help with vestibular issues?

Diagnosis & Treatment

Chiropractors with post-graduate certification in vestibular rehabilitation are well placed to help patients presenting with dizziness or other symptoms suggestive of a vestibular disorder.

Can a pinched nerve cause balance problems?

A common condition that causes a pinched nerve is sciatica, which occurs when the sciatic nerve (the nerve that begins in the lower, or lumbar, part of the spine and runs down the back of the legs) is pinched and causes pain running down one leg, tingling or loss of sensation in the leg or foot, and weakness that can …

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Why do I feeling light headed after chiropractic adjustment?

Dizziness is Normal after a Chiropractic Adjustment

You may experience a brief bit of dizziness as your inner ear works to readjust itself to your body’s new position.

Does chiropractic help with menopause?

Work with your chiropractor.

Chiropractic care may help address many symptoms of menopause including weight gain. Research shows that almost all women who sought treatment such as chiropractic care during menopause found benefits for sleep issues, stress management, and other menopausal symptoms.

What do chiropractors do for vertigo?

Chiropractic care will entail using the Epley Maneuver to shift your head in different positions, repositioning the crystals inside the inner ear. Along with in-office chiropractic care, your chiropractor may send you home with exercises and activities to help ease your vertigo.

How do you permanently cure vertigo?

A technique called canalith repositioning (or Epley maneuver) usually helps resolve benign paroxysmal positional vertigo more quickly than simply waiting for your dizziness to go away. It can be done by your doctor, an audiologist or a physical therapist and involves maneuvering the position of your head.